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What Is A No-Fault Insurance State?

Video Transcript:

Goldberg: It means that people are always surprised by this, who haven’t been involved in a car accident before. If you and I get into an accident and you smash my car from behind, logic would tell us that you should pay my medical bills because you caused my injuries. New Jersey doesn’t subscribe to that logic. When you get hurt by someone else in a car accident, you pay your own medical bills through your own insurance. In New Jersey, it’s called PIP, P-I-P, personal injury protection. There is no medical lien from PIP. So if PIP pays $100,000 in medical bills, you don’t have to pay it back.

Petrillo: So basically, in auto cases, for the most part, that’s just the law. That’s the way the system has to work.

Goldberg: That’s the law. And a lot of times, when we go to trial in these auto cases, when we get questions from the jury, they want to know, what about the medical bills? How much medical bills were they? We’re not even allowed to put them into evidence. We can’t even mention how much medical bills there were because the law prevents us from doing that. And again, it’s always something when the jury has a question during deliberations, what are the medical bills? Was there any medical bills outstanding? The response always goes back from the judge, “We’re not allowed to talk about that.”

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