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The daily routine of people’s lives often includes setting foot on someone’s commercial property, whether that appearance on another’s commercial property is to live as a tenant, conduct business, work, go to school, shop, dine, attend a concert or sporting event, and numerous other activities. A landowner or occupant of a commercial property owes a duty of care to an individual who does not own the commercial property but uses that real estate; they must do their best to prevent and remove conditions that may cause harm to an individual using their real estate, and they are legally responsible for maintaining their property and remedying any hazardous condition on the commercial premises.

The responsibility to remove hazards within a reasonable amount of time and create safe conditions for visitors who enter upon commercial property for legitimate purposes, whether by permission or invitation, can cover a variety of potentially dangerous conditions, such as uncleared ice or snow on walkways, structural conditions, building code violations, toxic substances, the presence of dangerous animals, etc. That duty even extends to children who may be trespassers but who are attracted out of curiosity to investigate hazardous conditions on a property.

Regardless of the age of any commercial property visitor, they must also be properly warned of any potentially dangerous condition on a property.

In New Jersey, if a commercial landowner or occupier has failed to meet his or her duty of care toward a visitor and that failure to meet their duty of care represented the proximate cause of a visitor’s injury, then that commercial landowner or occupier can be held liable for the visitor’s injury; the visitor would thus have grounds for compensation under the state’s premises liability law.

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury while on someone else’s commercial property for legitimate purposes in South Jersey or metropolitan Philadelphia, you will find no greater legal resource than the experienced team of lawyers at Petrillo and Goldberg. Our attorneys can help you recover damages for your injuries and the pain and suffering they have caused.


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