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$350,000 for Elderly Victim of Housefire

$295,000 for Grandmom Escorting Grandchildren

$128,656 for Elderly Slip and Fall Victim

Petrillo and Goldberg recently resolved three personal injury claims for elderly clients.


$430,000 for the Death of Grandmother

$2.3 Million for the Death of a Single Father

How the law values death

We must ask and consider questions such as, “How long did the person suffer before they died?”


$460,000 for “Berm Jaywalker”

This case looked nearly impossible from a liability standpoint until our aggressive investigation revealed the presence of an old defunct sprinkler system pipe that was difficult to see just
below the sidewalk…


$1,525,000 for Slip and Fall

“The other law firm told me that I didn’t have a case saying, ‘You can’t fault them for a construction site covered with snow and ice.’ ” This is what our client was told by his prior attorney. We decided to take a second look…


$427,000 for ‘Trip and Stumble’ Customer

Most of our cases come from client referrals or referrals from other attorneys who don’t specialize in personal injury litigation. But this case already had been rejected by another firm before Petrillo and Goldberg took it on…



I have dealt with other law firms, and there is no comparison. It is an honor to know you and I must say, that I have the highest regard for your integrity.

- Lance Zeaman



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The highly competent lawyers at Petrillo and Goldberg represent clients with personal injury claims, workers compensation claims, slip-and-fall cases and automobile accident victims. We work for you, and take our job of getting the best possible results for you seriously.