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Driving a vehicle is a rite of passage for many people. The freedom and responsibility that goes along with getting behind the wheel is one of the first steps into adulthood, and one that figures prominently into day-to-day life for so many for years to come. Of course, there are risks.

Car accidents in New Jersey

There is always a danger that comes along with being on the road. Accidents happen, and not necessarily through any fault of your own. The experienced car accident attorneys at Petrillo & Goldberg have seen it all, and in our decades of service handled car accident cases of all types.

Vehicle accidents are a common occurrence. According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, in 2017 there were 270,231 total accidents on New Jersey roads. Of those:

  • 61,753 accidents resulted in injuries
  • 591 accidents resulted in one or more fatalities
  • 1,495 accidents involved cell phone use by the driver
New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers

Having been in prior auto accidents before this one, I thought it may have been a difficult case to win. The fact that you both were honest about that fact gave me confidence in your firm. This is a perfect example of what perseverance can accomplish. As I sincerely believe the same results would not have been obtained with other attorneys I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you again for the great job.

- Todd

The Verbal Threshold

No-fault car insurance system

In 1988 New Jersey established a no-fault car insurance system. Because of this system, drivers in the state may choose to give up their right to sue for damages in most cases after an accident in exchange for a lower insurance premium. This is called the verbal threshold option.

There is also the zero threshold option, which is a more expensive choice but allows the driver to recover noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering, after an accident.

The verbal threshold can complicate recovery after a vehicle accident.

Some drivers are not aware of what the two options can mean when they purchase their auto insurance and it may not be sufficiently explained. Although it saves money on annual insurance rates, it can be very expensive in the event of an accident.

A motorist who has chosen the verbal threshold option on their insurance would only be able to recover noneconomic damages after an accident if a permanent injury has occurred, such as:

  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Significant scarring
  • Loss of a fetus
  • Displaced fractures
  • Other permanent injury

Demonstrating that a permanent injury has been sustained is sometimes difficult and requires professional, objective medical evidence. This is where the attorneys of Petrillo & Goldberg Law can be of assistance. In fact, most of our vehicle negligence claims involve this type of case.

A Team Approach: Your Advantage

Our team works together

At Petrillo & Goldberg Law we have a unique, shared approach to every case. Our team works together, with each of our four attorneys handling one stage of service for our clients. For example, when our firm takes a case, a different attorney will handle one stage of service, such as pre-litigation development, deposition, or trial.

This gives each of our clients the advantage of the total pool of knowledge and years of experience of our four attorneys as well as their individual talents. Our team-based method is efficient and highly successful, and it sets our firm apart from the others.

A trusted personal injury firm

This method also allows our lawyers to give each car accident case our full attention. When dealing with an automotive accident, attention to detail is particularly important. There are considerations such as crash damage to vehicles and other property, proper investigation of claims, ascertainment of available insurance coverage and proper medical evidence necessary to prove a verbal threshold claim.

Our team approach method is different from the way other practices do things and that is exactly how we like it. It was developed and perfected here by our own attorneys. That is why no one else does it like we do, and why we are one of the most trusted firms in New Jersey. We serve as referral counsel for vehicle accident and other claims to more than 20 regional law firms.

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers

When to Contact an Attorney After a Vehicle Accident

If you have been involved in an accident with a negligent, reckless or intoxicated driver contact the team at Petrillo & Goldberg Law without delay. We have offices conveniently located in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area and are available to discuss the details of your case and your rights.

At Petrillo & Goldberg you are never just a number or a name on a case file. Allow us to help you heal after your accident by taking care of your case. We want to know you, work for you, and win for you.


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The highly competent lawyers at Petrillo and Goldberg represent clients with personal injury claims, workers compensation claims, slip-and-fall cases and automobile accident victims. We work for you, and take our job of getting the best possible results for you seriously.

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